About Me


Hello there! Welcome to Crashly Conquers the World. I’m a 23 year old college student, full time legal secretary, running addict, yoga addict, living in Sunny San Diego.

Why Crashly Conquers the World?

When I was little my Dad always called me Crashly, cuz um, my coordination was not so great haha. Good thing I’ve outgrown that ;). Crashly conquers the world seems like a fitting blog name as I try and conquer this world while maintaining my balance in health, fitness and all areas of my life.

Exercise Philosophy

To me running = lurve. I’ve completed in several races, (I use the term “compete” loosely haha) including two marathons and several half marathons. However, I’m not one of those runners who loves only running, I love all forms of exercise and try to break a sweat daily!

Food Philosophy

I’m a total foodie and love cooking, baking and, of course, eating. 😉 I was a vegetarian for five years but have since introduced meat back into my diet. However, most of the meals I cook for myself are vegetarian and I still rarely eat meat.


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