Screeching Halt

A schreeching halt is what my running came to a few months ago. For the past three months I have been been dealing with every runners worst fear…the dreaded injury. My initial reaction was this:


As much as I wanted to run  drive down the street and cry manically while shouting jealous obscenities at runners, (um, kidding..?), I sucked it up and threw myself into crosstraining. And guess what? It’s been a frustrating road, but I can run again. About half a mile. haha. As someone who used to run 8 miles no problem, my newfound exhaustion at such short distances is very frustrating.  A couple miles right now makes me feel like this:

But I know this too shall pass. And having an injury has been good for me in some ways, it’s taught me a vaulable lesson about taking rest days, cross-training and fueling properly. I truly believe the combination of not properly following those three rules to a healthy happy running life are what led to me getting injured. Plus, being injured has also led me to try some fun new activities I probably would not have tried if I had not been injured, such as Zumba! I was very suprised what a good workout shaking my bootay was. Seriously try it!

Here’s to the long road ahead on learning to run farther down it again!

Have you ever had an injury before? How did you deal with it?

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