Try it Thursday & A Challenge

Hi Y’all! So, today I have a product review and an announcement. First the announcement. I’m new to this whole blogging shindig, so I thought the best way to get in the swing of things was to jump in on that 30 Day Challenge I’ve seen floating around on the blog world. I’ve seen it on several blogs I love and thought I’d join in on the fun. If you’re not familiar with it, you basically just discuss the topic for that day. Here are the topics:


Should be fun!

Alrighty, now for that product review I promised ya. I LOVE greek yogurt, but normally stick to plain. I’ll admit, when I first tried plain a few years ago I thought it tasted like sour cream,  um, not so great, but slowly my taste buds have grown to love it (my wallet maybe not so much haha). I’ve been branching out recently & saw this at the store:

I checked out the nutritionals:

And decided to throw it in:

Thoughts: I like that the fruit is not that gooey, icky fruit at the bottom but instead the pomegranate seeds are still crunchy. It was very sweet, and no wonder, with 19 grams of sugar!

Verdict: I probably won’t buy this again, I definitely liked it more than other fruit at the bottom yogurts I’ve tried, but it was too sweet for me. I do think it would be perfect for someone trying to transition into greek yogurt who’s not quite ready for the plain stuff yet.

Do you like greek yogurt? What are your favorite brands/flavahs?

Stay tuned for a post on Day 1 of the challenge later!

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5 Responses to Try it Thursday & A Challenge

  1. beautyrun says:

    Seems interesting, maybe I should try it.

    Visit my blog
    It’s new, but so far I got a system for posts going and TONS of recipes.

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