Waffling about Waffles

Happy Sunday y’all!

I started off my morning bright and early with a delicious breakfast of Chobani Vanilla Yogurt, Eggo low-fat waffles, and peanut butter. There was half a banana involved as well, but it mysteriously disappeared into my mouth first. Ooops. Mmm….

This sounds silly, but I just discovered the magic of frozen waffles a couple weeks ago. I don’t have a toaster so I’ve never bothered to buy them before. What’s a girl without a toaster to do? Toast it in the stove of course haha.

I ate breakfast nice and early this morning to make it to the gym for a short workout before a 75 min. yoga class. Can’t wait to get all yummy and zen & nice and schweaty. See ya later!

What’s your favorite breakfast item?

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2 Responses to Waffling about Waffles

  1. beautyrun says:

    I wish my breakfast was that healthy today. Someone needs to go to the store…hmmm, who could that be…. ME!

    • CrashlyConquers says:

      Haha, I go to the grocery store like 2-3 times a week! I always manage to have to go back because I forgot something on my list, sometimes it seems like I live at the grocery store lol

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